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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

PayCore Payouts

Cheery Greetings from!

Release Notes is our bi-weekly briefly update that highlights what we've recently worked so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. And here we go to our latest enhancements!

This Update Includes

In the Details

Dashboard UX Improvements

Cross-links between screens

We have taken into account your wishes to improve navigation in sections and added cross-links between the most commonly used screens. So, for example, when you're in the Payment Request tab section, you can click on the Request ID and go to the detailed screen of the Request.

From Payment Request to Overview

Request Payload

For payouts that are made with Payout Schemes, we have also added the request_payload object to the overview. It stores information about the exchange rate and the initial amount, and if the payout is split through different routes, the data is also displayed for each part, separately.

Request Payload

New Integrations

More and more providers are evolving to the 3DS 2.0 protocol, and we are then updating the protocols of interaction with them.

Provider Name New features
Procard 3DS 2.0 integration
Bank Onego Host-to-host payment connection, Payouts

We also expanded the list of supported currencies by Norwegian Krone (NOK), Danish Krone (DKK), and New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

Bug Fixes

We had improved and polished the internal functioning, and our platform has just got better from there.

Stay tuned!