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Payout Invoice: Overview


There are three types of outgoing transactions that occur in®:

  • Payout

    A Payout is a low-level operation that initiates a financial transaction in the defined payment provider using the specified payout method, it simply provides communication with an external provider and the mapping of statuses. Payout refers to the financial return or monetary disbursement of investment or annuity.

  • Request

    A Payout Request is an operation with rich functionality that initiates one or many payouts depending on the conditions set in the routing and exchange rate schemes.

  • Invoice

    A Payout Invoice is a high-level operation that initiates accompanying Payout Request and Ledger account transactions.

The Payout Invoice includes information on the amount, currency, service, commission, exchange rate and other properties.

In contradistinction to Payment Invoice — Payout Invoice has AUTOPROCESS property. It means that this type of commerce operations can be processed as automaticaly as manualy.


The full list of properties can be found in the API Reference launch .


Payout Invoice Flow

New UI


Below is a description of each status:

CodeFinalSleeping StateDescription
createdNoNoInitial status after a Payout Invoice is created, processing has not started.
If® will not return response 201 (Created) HTTP status code on your request, you should consider that the payout invoice was failed to be created
expiredYesNoMeans the Payout Invoice hit the lifetime limit (configurable in the 'Invoice lifetime' property) without being successfully processed, but also did not either cancelled or terminated, e.g. your customer has abandoned the payout
terminatedYesNoMeans that the payout process was terminated by a payer prior to the payout invoice lifetime limit
processingNoYesSignifies that the payout invoice is processing by® but its processing is not finished and there will be further status updates
process_pendingNoYesMeans that the result of the payout process still being unknown and may not be known for an extended period of time
processedNoNoConfirms the payout has been processed successfully.
This isn't a final status since the payout can be refunded for different reasons
partially_processedNoNoMeans that the amount paid is less than the payout invoice amount and that amount is successfully processed, e.g. your customer has entered an amount less than the invoice amount while making an online payout
process_failedYesNoSignifies that the Payout Invoice processing has failed, may be set when an error occurs and the corresponding payout request has failed.
This status is considered final due to the maximum number of attempts has been reached (default – 5 attempts)
refundingNoYes Means the payout invoice is refunding and the result of the payout invoice refunding still being unknown
refund_pendingNoYes Means that the result of the payout refunding still being unknown and may not be known for an extended period of time
partially_refundedYesNoMeans that the amount refunded is less than the payout invoice amount and that amount is successfully refunded.
refundedYesNoMeans the payout invoice is successfully refunded in full
refund_failedYesNoMeans that the payout invoice refunding has been failed or cannot be completed