Managing Payout Invoices

Payout Invoice is located in Operations section. This entity includes List, Overview and Creating screens.

A list of payout invoices

This screen contains an enumeration of transactions with main properties, such as Commerce account, Payout Method, Amount, Currency, Current status, Resolution, Created time.

It also contains filters and search features to facilitate use.

Payout Invoice

Overview of a payout invoice

Payout Invoice

Overview page is intended to display detailed info about:

  • Operation states
  • Amounts
  • Service, Method, Provider
  • Related entities etc.

Creating a new payout invoice

This action consists of 3 stages:

1. Create

This stage requires the setting of Invoice proerties and parameters. It contains basic properties and options.

!!! tip
    Hover over the option label to see info tooltip!

Payout Invoice Payout Invoice

2. Confirm

This stage is intended to get user ensured that all data is correct and functionality for manual process

Payout Invoice

3. Result

Contains processing data

Payout Invoice