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PUMB (The First Ukrainian International Bank: Bank FUIB)

Website: PUMB

Follow the guidance for setting up a connection with PUMB as a payment service provider.

Set up account

Step 1: Contact PUMB support manager

Send a request on the website. Submit the required documents to verify your account and gain access.

Step 2: Get credentials

Credentials that have to be issued:

  • Merchant ID
  • Account ID
  • API URL for requests
  • Portal ID corresponding to a web application, a mobile application, or a server outside the bank system

You also provide your email and get a registration in the bank digital system, and then you use this email login and password to connect your H2H Merchant Account at the Corefy Dashboard.


Be sure to check with the bank manager if you require to provide a white list of IPs, and if so, specify IP addresses from the Corefy list.

Connect H2H Merchant account

Step 1. Connect H2H account at the Corefy Dashboard

Press Connect at PUMB Provider Overview page in 'New connection' and choose H2H Merchant account option to open Connection form.


Enter credentials:

  • Merchant ID
  • Account ID
  • Portal ID

Optional fields (to carry the refunds through Corefy system):

  • User login to the bank digital system
  • User password

Choose Currencies and Features. You can set these parameters according to available currencies and features for your PUMB account, but it's necessary to check details of the connection with your Corefy account manager.

3DS 2.0 settings

The required_3ds_v2 feature is mandatory if such client authentication protocol is defined by your bank merchant account settings.


You have connected the PUMB H2H merchant account!

Still looking for help connecting your PUMB account?

Please contact our support team!