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FlashPay Connector


Here You can find instructions for setting up FlashPay account!

Setup account

Step 1: Create provider account

Step 2: Generate the key-pair

  1. Generate Private key : openssl genrsa -out priv.key 2048
  2. Get public key: openssl rsa -in priv.key -out open.key -pubout

Step 3: Contact with Flashpay manager

Ask manager to link public key to your account.

Step 4: Get required credentials

  • Key ID


You are ready to connect!

Connect account

Step 1: Copy credentials

  • Key ID
  • Private key

Step 2: Enter credentials

  • Key ID
  • Upload your Private key file


Press Connect at FlashPay Provider Overview page in New connection section to open Connection form!



You have connected FlashPay!