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This topic explains how to connect your payment providers' accounts with It describes setup processes and helps you to put in place new services that can relay requests to the payment or payout gateways.

Click on the name of the desired connector and follow the link to the step-by-step guide.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Payment Service Provider (PSP) is a third party that helps merchants accept and facilitate payments.

PSPs partner with acquiring banks to offer merchants the capability to accept payments. They often offer services in addition to processing transactions. These services include Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance, fraud protection, and the ability to process different currencies and translate different languages.

List of Ready Connectors for Payment Providers

Logo Name Supported Features
123x Payments
4bill H2H connection, Payments and Payouts
Accentpay H2H connection, Payments and Payouts
ADgroup Payments and Payouts
AdvCash Payments and Payouts
Alfa Bank H2H payment connection, Payouts Payments and Payouts
Any.Money Payouts
BillLine Payments and Payouts
Card Payments Card Payments and Payouts
cardpay H2H connection, Payments and Payouts
Cashfree Payouts
Certus Finance Payouts
CoinGate Payments
Concord Bank H2H payment connection, Payouts
Connectum H2H payment connection
Cypix H2H payment connection, Payouts
Decta H2H payment connection
dLocal Payouts
dotpay Payouts Payments and Payouts
Ecobanq Payments and Payouts
ECommPay Payouts
ecoPayz Payments and Payouts
ePay H2H payment connection, Payouts
exactly H2H payment connection
FlashPay Payouts
Fondy H2H payment connection, Payouts
Forward Bank H2H payment connection, Payouts
Genome H2H payment connection, Payouts
GEO pay Payments and Payouts
Global Money Payouts
Hashconnect H2H payment connection, Payouts
ING Bank Poland Payments
Interkassa Payments and Payouts
Klarna Payments
Kuna Payments and Payouts
LeoGaming Payouts
LiqPay H2H connection, Payments
Manual manual connector for Swift Payments and Payouts
Maxpay Payments and Payouts
mercuryo Payments
MuchBetter Payments and Payouts
Neteller Payouts
Odysseq Payments and Payouts
Parimatch Payouts
Paybox H2H payment connection, Payouts
Payeer Payments and Payouts
Paylink H2H payment connection, Payouts
Pay-logic Payouts
PayMega H2H connection, Payments and Payouts H2H connection, Payments and Payouts
Payment Center H2H payment connection, Payouts
Paymentwall H2H payment connection
PayPal Payments and Payouts
Paysafe Payments and Payouts
paysafecard Payments and Payouts
PaySec Payments and Payouts
PaySoft Inc. Payouts
Perfect Money Payments and Payouts
Piastrix H2H connection, Payments and Payouts
Platio H2H payment connection, Payouts H2H connection
Procard H2H payment & payout connection Payouts
RBK Money H2H connection, Payouts
SafeCharge H2H payment connection
SatchelPay Payouts
Selcom Payments and Payouts
Skrill Payments and Payouts
TKB Pay H2H payment connection, Payouts
Tranzzo Payments H2H payment connection, Payments and Payouts
UAPay H2H payment connection, Payouts
VCreditos Payments and Payouts
WinPay Payments and Payouts
Wirecapital Payments
wirecard H2H payment connection, Payouts
WlandPay H2H payment connection
xpate H2H payment connection, Payouts
XPAY Payments and Payouts
Zotapay Payments and Payouts

You can also send a request about a new connection by clicking the appropriate button on the dashboard or emailing our support team.

How to Connect to the Payment Provider


Usually, the connection algorithm includes the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the side of the payment provider
  2. Set up your provider or merchant account and get credentials for the further connection
  3. Connect the account in the PayС Dashboard

Please note

  • Sub-steps can be different, since methods of data storage, delivery and organisation are unique for each provider.

  • The credential parameters format must be appropriate to the connection form's requirements.

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