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Welcome to® documentation

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Welcome to®! Get familiar with the® products and explore their features:

  • Payment Providers Hub: Connect any provider or merchant account of any payment provider into the one hub.
  • Payments: Accept any online payment option through the single omnichannel gateway.
    • Payment Gateway
    • Payment Routing Engine
    • Smart Payments
  • Payouts: Make payouts on any online option in multiple ways through the single omni-chanel gateway.
    • Payout Gateway
    • Payout Routing Engine
    • Smart Payouts
  • Currency Rates: FX conversion rules are encapsulated in a currency exchange scheme, which is adhered to every routing scheme.

Getting started® helps you create any type of payments & flow — from e-commerce to complex finance processes and everything in between. Follow our development quickstart to start building your integration.

Accept payments & send payouts

Make payments & payouts in 135+ currencies of any payment methods over any payment provider in the world.

  • Payments: Take advantage of international and familiar local payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
  • Payouts: Exploit the benefits of safe and quick domestic and international methods to pay out to third parties.

Build your own payment solution

Whether your business is simple or complex, we offer a robust set of building blocks to frame your own payment solution that will help multiply payment capabilities and reach, support growth without investments in development or infrastructure, while keeping consumers safe.

Extend PayCore's functionality

Build features on PayCore’s APIs, to meet businesses' needs. Start by using powerful & flexible API.